Genge Ship

Genge Ship

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Author cSMG
Date of release Final - 2005
.bsp filename genge_ship


An alien ship has been spotted close to Earth. A bit too close for comfort I might add. We don't want anyone on our planet knowing that extraterrestrial life exists.

Your objectives:

  • Kill all aliens on sight.
  • Find the location a missing soldier.
  • Take control of the alien ship and set a course for Earth so we can study their technology.

You will be teleported into the ship.

Move out!

Additional info

Additional credits

Genge_Ship made by Stuart Genge 2005
Stuart Genge AKA -<Pooperoni-pizzA>-
Contact me at moc.liamtoh|azzip_inorepoop#moc.liamtoh|azzip_inorepoop



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