Gears Of War 2

Gears Of War 2

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Author Cyberdaemon
Date of release March 13, 2010
.bsp filename gearsofwar2


Primary Goal: Kill the osprey.
Secondary Goal: Kick some ass!

Welcome to the battle that has been coined as second Stalingrad. Here a constant skirmishes take place over a large portion of buildings. Areas change hands up to dozens of times and often a battle occurs over as small area as corner of a bathroom or edge of a small factory. The situation is shitty, but it ain't hopeless. Defeat the damn osprey and the enemy should withdraw from the area. Don't forget that there are some hideouts full of supplies and shit, use them for your advantage - but most importantly clear them out before you can use them. Good luck! Don't forget that enemies have some hidden snipers in the area as well.

Additional info

  • Entry in the Sven Co-op Mapping Contest.
  • Included in the Sven Co-op Contest Map Pack.
  • Use satchel charges and trip mines, if you find them.
  • There are snipers all over the place, they often change location.
  • There are some secrets too, don't miss them.
  • Your health constantly regenerates, but don't rely on that too much. Use batteries to recharge your armor as well.

Additional credits

  • Day of Defeat team for textures
  • Neil Manke for They Hunger textures (there are some)
  • Svencoop team for crashing my 4.07 (joke, just thanks for svencoop itself)
  • Hezus for advice
  • Goanna for hosting



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