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Author cyberdaemon
Date of release Final - September 22, 2007
TE - August 26, 2007
SE - September 5, 2003
Original - August 5, 2003
.bsp filename sc_frontline


Fight your way trough enemy trenches, push forward the front line. Handle with counter attacks, artillery fire, enemy snipers, minefields and many more dangers in this thrilling action paced map. And yet there are many secrets to discover. Simply a revamp of a 4 years old map.

Additional info

  • Frontline features many custom textures.

Additional credits

JPolito - (testing)
MotorBreath - (prefabs)
Neil Manke - (textures)
Psycho Bunny - (prefabs)
RJ8722 - (testing)
seebiass - (testing)


There are over 967 maps for Sven Co-op! Here are a few:


2003 size:large walkthrough


2008 conversion difficulty:easy puzzle rcbot traps


2009 needs-dl walkthrough xen


2004 size:medium walkthrough water

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