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Author GreenTea
Date of release November 5, 2018
.bsp filename frightmanor


This map is came too late.I was plan to upload it on Halloween.
But I need to concentrate on my work and fix map bugs at the same time,so it was runing out of time.
Finaly it was done.XD

G-man invited you to have a Halloween dinner.
In fact, his intention is let you to solve some troubles in manor.

Additional info

Need at least 2 players to start the game.
Recommended for 2-6 players to playing this map.
You need find right items to give the NPCs.Then you will got powerful weapons or uesful tools to pass like traps or dangerzone you can't enter before.
(Find and kill 2 Giantzombies at start ,then you will get Silver-Key and Copper-Key.)
(WeaponBox /AmmoPack will slow down player's movement. You'd better cover them when they are carrying.)
(Some powerful weapons and ammos are hiden in the manor.)
(The location of items are not always same.)
(Remember,often watch your back,those zombies could attack you from anywhere.)
See more details on pictures.
Have fun >w<

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