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Authors Keen, JPolito, ozku, Silencer, g1l, WAR_Nuker, hydeph, cSMG, Hezus, Moaby
Date of release Not yet released - Work In Progress
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With the installation of vBulletin v3.8.6, all hell has broken loose on the Sven Co-op Message Forums and the moderating team has requested the assistance of a group of Sven Co-op players who have been given temporary moderator access. The players must follow direct orders from the moderation team in order to eradicate the problems forum-by-forum and keep the forums online until an update is released by vBulletin to fix severe security problems in their forum software. Examples of situations that must be brought under control by players include, but are not limited to:

  • Deleting smiley stories from threads
  • Stopping rogue moderators
  • Deleting spam threads
  • Banning members
  • Stopping hackers
  • Deleting spam bots
  • Escorting VIP's to safe areas
  • Assisting moderators and other members in battle
  • Stopping the leak of the Sven Co-op Beta
  • Eliminating viruses from the forum

Additional info

  • Each map will be connected to a control room and will be a mini-walkthrough map.
  • If you've ever played incoming, the map will play exactly as incoming did except over a series of interconnected maps. Players will start in the control room and be instructed to go to the different forums and stop certain incidents similar to the ones listed above.
  • A broad range of gameplay styles will be presented to the players, and players will be rewarded throughout the series for better performance in the assigned missions.

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There are over 966 maps for Sven Co-op! Here are a few:


2002 needs-dl walkthrough


2003 defense horde needs-dl needs-pics


2016 losable survival


2009 demo needs-dl

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