Fort Gorgon

Fort Gorgon

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Author Galathrax
Date September 4, 2018
.bsp filename fort_gorgon


Deep within the high rising dunes of the mojave desert lies a secretive research installation. A government lab dedicated to the research of creatures wrenched from the clutches of parallel realities.

One month ago an Unidentified Flying object was sighted near the facility, crashing into the desert sands. Representatives from an online UFO conspiracy group arrived quickly to examine the site, never to be heard from again. Their disappearance was a final straw for many fringe members of the group. Suiting up, you and your tinfoil hat wearing allies arrive to discover the truth that the government has desperately hidden away from humanity for so long.

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This is my first map, just a bunch of random ideas and tests to have fun with hammer. So don't really take it all that seriously, and please, if you have anything to say about it contact me whenever you can. Criticism or just ideas in general, I'd like to hear it. Sort of worried about having included the proper texture wads, so if you see any missing textures say it right away so I can fix that.

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