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Date of release Final - December 17, 2004 approx.
.bsp filename farmhouse


A map designed to resemble a farmhouse, possibly the one from the 2002 movie Signs, by M. Night Shyamalan. There is a barn, a crop field, a front yard, and of course a farmhouse. The farmhouse has three levels; a basement, a main floor and an upper floor with various enemies within. The goal is to arm yourself, meet up with friendly characters and defeat the boss.


  1. Get your weapons from the barn and use them to break into the house.
  2. Find security guard Bob upstairs.
  3. After you have met up with Bob go look for the key to the basement in the backyard crop field.
  4. Once the door is unlocked go to the basement and meet with the scientist.
  5. Then go to the backyard and hunt "the king" alien.

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Included in the NIPPER Map Pack.

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