Executive Command

Executive Command

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Author Rizzmond
Date of release Final - 2002
.bsp filename execommand, execommand2, execommand3


You have infiltrated the g-man's base through the ventilation system.
Make it quick and sweet, find him and kill him
(gman not included in this release, next one ;).

Additional info

Title : Executive Command
Filename : Execommand.bsp through Execommand4.bsp
Game : Sven Co-op Half-Life
Author : Rizzmond
Email Address : moc.loa|namossoR#moc.loa|namossoR
Web Address : not available


Additional credits

special thanks to :
Valve - For making an incredible game
SvenCoop-Team - For making a great mod
Maniac for elevator prefab
Chickenpanzer for guard tower prefab
ElmoD900 for playtesting and floorplans
Spinoff90 for playtesting
Fraggle Rockerx for playtesting



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