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Author incy247
Date of release Final - December 24, 2008 (SC 4.0B)
v1 - October 25, 2004
.bsp filename escape_series, escape_series_1a, escape_series_1b


You are a group of average civilians who have been kidnapped by a group of scientists in an underground lab. They have abused you, mistreated you, and performed horrendous tests with your DNA. Now that they are done with you, they have locked you in a cell at the bottom of the lab complex. But now something has happened and everyone is dead except for you, and you are locked away in the cell. Now it's up to you and your team mates to try and ESCAPE!

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rename maps svencoop 4.07
escape_a_final, escape_b_final

There are over 1117 maps for Sven Co-op! Here are a few:


4 / 5

2004 abandoned puzzle walkthrough


1 / 5

1999 arena co-oprequired difficulty:medium horde


0 / 5

2009 2011 needs-dl walkthrough


0 / 5

2004 fun maze puzzle


0 / 5

2002 black-mesa co-oprequired creepsworld-top50 official official-screlease rcbot walkthrough

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