Entmap TC

Entmap TC

Author tundra_cool
Date of release v3 - August 22, 2004
.bsp filename entmap_tc_v3


Entmap created by tundra_cool. The biggest entmap you can find. Has a very large spawn area to build as well as various smaller themed building areas (The Toon Run area for example). There's a teleporter room right under the build area that allows players to get around the level very quickly without having to slowly fly to different rooms — it also holds a movable list of EntMod (and EntCraft) commands in case anyone forgets any commands. Many custom textures have been wadinclude'd so there's no extra files to download. Ent rooms found in the level display messages on the player HUD describing the room type. Has more Military themed prefabs for wars and stuff with some hidden posters of naked ladies. Also includes many vehicles such as a brush-based Osprey for players to fly around in.

Additional info

Solids: 2204
Faces: 13747
Point Entities: 237
Solid Entities: 319
Unique Textures: 361
Texture Memory: 12.05 MB

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2004 entmap fun size:small

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