Earthquake Test Center II





Earthquake Test Center II

Author Dave Johnston (original), Soctom (conversion)
Original mod release January 2002
Date of release January 22, 2016
.bsp filename etc2_1, etc2_2, etc2_3, etc2_4, etc2_5


ETC finished with Freeman heading into the teleporter. Where it took him was not revealed. ETC 2 continues from this point.

So, where did Freeman go?

The military weren't there just to clean out the creatures. They weren't there to remove Freeman. They weren't there to silence the innocents.

The military were there in need of information. 'Xen' was news to them. They had to know more. The teleportation unit they uncovered was merely an accessory allowing them to gain access to the facility. And Gordon went the wrong way. But Gordon was not prepared for this. You couldn't be.

The military were far from stupid. If these teleporters work one way, they work the other too. Gordon led himself back into the hands of the military.

So, the military have found their way to Xen - the creatures of Xen aren't keen on that. They have to stop the invasion - and you're stuck right in the middle.

ETC 2 begins days after Gordon was caught. The creatures of a small suburb of Xen are prepared to invade. And so they begin. It's just as well the military are as willing to airstrike wherever the creatures end up…

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2016 black-mesa conversion series size:large walkthrough xen

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