Dynamic Mapvote

Dynamic Mapvote

Author Cubemath
Date of release January 13, 2018
.bsp filename dynamic_mapvote


Stand on the Floor infront of a Screen to vote a Map.

Additional info

Modify the File to add/delete maps:

The first line should contain the directory for the music to be played in the lobby.
Example: "Music: dynamic_mapvote/dynamic_mapvote.mp3"

The second line should contain the Timelimit in seconds.
Example: "Time: 30"

The other Lines should contains the map-data.
Example: "Half-Life Campaign|hl_c00"

The character '|' splits the text.
The text infront of the Pipe-Character is the title that appears on the vote-screen.
The text after the Pipe-Character is the name of the map.

You can also add a Breakline in the Title by adding "\n".
Example: "Half-Life\nCampaign|hl_c00"

It is possible to add a second map to the map-data.
Example: "Half-Life Campaign|hl_c00|hl_c02_a1"

If people decide to vote that campaign,
a Vote-Window will appear that allows the people to skip the intro (goto 2nd map).

If you want to add a Pipe-Character to the title, then use "\|".

Vote-Screen doesn't support Unicode-Characters.

A picture is worth a thousand words.
Add a path to a sprite to the Line like this:
"sprites/dynamic_mapvote/half-life.spr|Half-Life Campaign|hl_c00"
Then this sprite will appear on the votescreen.

Be sure that everybody can see the sprite
(Add sprite-path into dynamic_mapvote.res as it is a custom sprite).

Be sure that the resolution of the sprite is 352x160
or else it wont fit into the Vote-Screen.

Here's for Example (you can download ex.)

Note: use the HL/CS Sprite editor tool (.spr file) you can edit it and to make your own vote-screen.

The map will be built automatically using the text file.
If the Text-File is missing or contains invalid data,
then the error will be shown as Title on the Vote-Screen and
Half-Life Campaign will be started after the Vote.

If an invalid map gets voted,
an Error-Message appears on your Screen and the Vote-Timer will reset,
so the people can vote for a differend map.

Known Bugs:
Possible Softlock: If people vote for an invalid map, then people will be stuck on this map!

Bug: Disappearing Map-Parts, because there are too many Entities on the map. (Keep in Mind, that each Character on the Vote-Screen is an Entity)

Minor Bug: Repeating Player-Sprays and blood decals

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2018 fun lobby music size:small votemap

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