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Author Fortune
Date of release Final - June 23, 2003
Beta - May 29, 2003
.bsp filename dymar


Well, here you are. At "Half Park." On the trail of the two most wanted men in the world, with an elite team and the best firearms the peoples tax dollars can buy. We've got one shot to bring down these two. Mr. Tibbs and Mr. Winks. Both with a bounty of over $10 million on their heads, wanted in over 10 countries, this is not going to be easy. Both are wanted on Unlawful Flight to Aviod Prosecution and Murder, this will be big… So, this will not be a walk in the park…

Your Mission…

  • Locate Winks and Tibbs. Dead or Alive.
  • It is believed they are using new weapons and tactics to stop us. Move around them.
  • Lastly, it seems… well… "Aliens" are on our radar… Destroy them.

Besides doing the mission, you can also choose to hang out in the dance club part of the map and kill a few aliens that spawn in.

Additional info

  • DyMar uses custom models and sounds as well as a custom skybox.

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