DOOM II: Hell on Earth

DOOM II: Hell on Earth

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Author w00tguy123
Date of release Beta - June 16, 2018
.bsp filename doom2_ep1_b6, doom2_ep2_b6


A clone of DOOM II: Hell on Earth. Only 11 of 32 maps are playable for now - maybe more will come in the future.

The levels were converted using doom2brush (which I modified to add doors, buttons, and liquids).


This map requires a plugin to function. The plugin is only active on maps with a "doom2_" prefix, and is needed to set "sv_stepsize 35; mp_footsteps 0" in console (map scripts can't do this). It also keeps track of player HUD scale preferences and weapon unlocks.

1. Extract to your sven folder as usual
2. Add the following to default_plugins.txt:

    "name" "doom_maps"
    "script" "doom_maps"

You also need to edit your userconfig.cfg to run at DOOM speeds. Add these lines to the bottom of the file:

cl_forwardspeed 9000
cl_backspeed 9000
cl_sidespeed 9000

Why? cl_sidespeed is missing from config.cfg. If I tried to set these speeds automatically I would break your config (you wouldn't be able to strafe next time you started the game).

Additional info

Getting a perfect score unlocks weapons that you keep on respawn. 100% every map and you will be unstoppable by the time you reach map 11.

Known bugs

  • Weapon sprites skip frames when your ping is above 100 or so. I need to remake the weapons as models eventually…
  • Clients overflow a lot, especially in ep2. Usually only specific people have this problem (related to ping?).

Additional credits

  • Cadaver - helped with Spanish translation of the spawn room message.
  • Streamfox - somehow motivated me to make this simply by asking if doom monsters were possible in sven.
  • Cryokeen - convinced me not to set speeds automatically and to translate the spawn room message.
  • Thanks to everyone who joined the test sessions.


June 18, 2018

  • Fixed crash at Refueling Base
  • Greatly reduced number of active entities in most levels.

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