Dock Battle

Dock Battle

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Author Mad Jonesy
Date of release Final - September 2, 1999
.bsp filename dockbat


Defend your ship from assault from marines and aliens.

KILL KILL KILL until your fire button breaks

Additional info

*Play Information*

Single Player : Yes
Deathmatch : possibly
Cooperative : Of course
Difficulty Settings : Urrrmmm, you could try keeping your eyes closed while playing it.
New textures : No Chance
New sounds : " "
Running the level : Place the .BSP along with .cfg to the Svencoop/maps/ directory.
Players : 3 - 8 recommended


Base : New level
Editor used : Worldcraft 2.0
Build time : 8 hours
Known bugs : none ;-)
Compile machine : Cyrix 333 with 128 MB Ram.

Additional credits

Title: Dock Battle for Sven Co-op
Author: Mad Jonesy (British Lad)
Date: 2/9/1999
Email Address: ku.oc.tensf.tiplleh|yoBysenoJ#ku.oc.tensf.tiplleh|yoBysenoJ

Thanx to…

Everyone involved in Sven Co-op

Any comments or problems welcome as long as they're constructive (No 'Yur Lvel sux' crap plz'



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