Diego Land Beta
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Diego Land Beta

Author Galy Raffo
Date of release January 31, 2019
.bsp filename Diego_Land


Diego manages to buy a small base of Black Mesa which one day the container transport system fails and they release Headcrabs all over the base which transform all the staff into zombies and also makes a portal experiment fail which makes them enter creatures from Xen to the base.
The mission Diego and the fans who were in the rest room did not know what was happening. Every time you go up you get to a security room where you plan to do it, besides getting more weapons you will find out what happened.
All that remains is to surface to take the military trucks and get out of there before the bomb left by the black commandos explodes.

The map is for Sven Coop has its share of comedy as its part would be in addition to extremely Creepy noises and some other cry or phrase of Diego this map includes all the enemies of the Half Life saga in addition to having a very high standard of living High is a challenge in addition to the map is great there will be a few memes lying around or on the wall.

This map is made with a lot of love for my Waifu <3 for Diego Pita Barrenechea for fans of Diego :D for Roxsana Joestar Vance for those who are my friends and follow me.
Also for the other members of the group.

Map created by Galy Raffo 2019

Additional info

The map is still under development

Additional credits

GSC Game World
Green Tea
Trusty Crowbar

Andrew Weldon
Adam Foster
Henning Horstmann
Mohammad Alavi
Tomislav Spejic
Tom DiLazaro
Cayle George
Randy Reddig
Kevin Roberts
Nightwatch team




black-mesa horror needs-dl needs-pics scary unreleased

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