Devious Trials: The first slice

Devious Trials: The first slice

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Author StreamFox
Date of release March 19, 2010
.bsp filename devious_trials1


Devious Trials is a team based puzzle map series. 'The first slice' is the 1st chapter form the series.
Each chapter of the series will be released separaletaly.

Misson in short:
Transport the cube through several puzzles to the final room to activate the portal.

Hints, tips:

-'S' button helps you if the cube get stucked, pushing it with no reason may kill other palyers, or just make some plus works.

-Lift and thorw the cube:
Aim on the cube then push and hold down "use"
(deafult e key) and lift it with the mouse.

Jump on the cube then press and hold down the
"use" key while moving forward gently.
You have to stop regularly in order to make
the cube moving in the right direction.

-You always have to take the cube with yourself
while moving forward. It gonna be needed for further actions.

Additional info

Map needs at least 2 players.
Formerly known as Devious: Cube, which is no longer available.
Map inspired by Kyper Kuutio

Additional credits

Special thanks to:
RNG (testing)
Sence (testing)
CryoKeen (testing)
Blue Cheetah a.k.a. Radu IceMan (vendmachine textures)

Nightwatch Team (some of the textures)
Blazzer (submerged textures)
Subemerged additional textures by JPolito
Music is from the flash game 'Time Fcuk'



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