Delta Return

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Author The-Real-Game
Date of release Final - Late 2002
.bsp filename deltareturn


It's been five long years since the Delta Research Facility incident, in which you obliterated the original facility. We had yet to hear anymore from the facility until now. As you will know a few days ago there was a security breach at our research plant, in which one of the leaders of our main *Classified* project was abducted. Well we've now traced the abductors, it appears they're from the Delta Research Facility.

It seems the facility has now been rebuilt; they have received funding from an unknown source, which we are in the process of tracking down. Your mission is to infiltrate the facility once again and rescue our project leader. Be warned that the base is strongly guarded by soldiers and a variety of other creatures.

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Additional credits

Thanks To Blazeer For His Awesome textures
Most of the other textures were from poke646, but I also saw them in action half life, so I'll give credit to both of these great mods.
A major thanks to Corona for his very helpful criticism, which helped me to make the map what it is!!
A big thanks to Dan200 and Dudda for their helpful feedback and play testing of the map.
xKinetiCx for the HMMWV prefab



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