Danger Zone

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Author Element21302
Date of release February 28, 2016
.bsp filename DangerZone


A classic Half Life-like story.

Additional info

This is still a work in progress. First map I've made. Please leave feedback if you have time. Tell me how and where it sucks the most, not just that it sucks.

Additional credits

Thanks to hackdotcom


There are over 1112 maps for Sven Co-op! Here are a few:


4.7 / 5

2011 difficulty:easy fun puzzle secrets size:medium


3 / 5

2014 conversion needs-dl pvp

hl 2011-08-15 05-16-42-14.jpg

3.6 / 5

2011 horde losable war


4.5 / 5

2016 difficulty:medium fun size:large walkthrough weird


4.3 / 5

2009 fun losable size:medium timed

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