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Author Fortune
Date of release Final (remake) - October 30, 2004
Beta (remake) - October 9, 2004
Final (original) - March 22, 2003
.bsp filename sc_cyberspy


In the Alaskan tundra north of Gakona, a research building known as DyMar have created and launched multiple nuclear capable satellites with the striking range of anywhere they want. Unknown to the rest of the country, and the world, the building was taken over by a band of renegade terrorists known as 'Sword', bent on nothing but the destruction of the very Earth itself. We must not let this happen…

Your mission, locate two data disks to erase the base's computer's memory, and defeat Lt. Zimmern who is leading this attack.

Additional info

  • CyberSpy is a remake/update of PostalX.
  • It uses new models, sounds, textures, and a nice custom skybox.

Additional credits

2001: A Space Odyssey - (sounds)
AHL mod - (textures)
All of Fortune's friends - (testing)
Dave J
Hondo - (textures)
NovaRain aka N.R.



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