CTF Warforts V2

CTF Warforts V2

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Author Hardway245
Date of release September, 30 2018
.bsp filename ctf_warforts_v2


Map Info: I finally released a second version of ctf_warforts! The teams and the classes are the same, but i added detail texture feature and more! I added a shop too, why not? Anyways, download it to play!

Story: This map is not a storyline map! Is ultimate teamdeathmatch!

FTWDK: WARFORTS is a player-versus-player (PvP) map in which two megacorporations (the Yellow and Blue teams) send agents to capture each other's flags while defending their own bases. The first team to reach 5 captures is victorious.

Players may choose from seven distinct classes, each with unique active or passive abilities. Also FTWDK means (ForThoseWhoDon'tKnow)

Additional info

"r_detail_textures 1" disabled due some map problems. The whole detail is automatic.

Additional credits

Thanks to Havok121 for solving the rt_texture problem!


12/14/14 - V1.0

3/29/15 - V1.1

4/15/17 - V1.2

*skipped some semi-versions*

9/30/2018 - V2.0

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