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Author CryoKeen
Date of release Beta - 19 April, 2010
.bsp filename cryocube_v4


Releasing 2 smallish maps that have I've been playing on peoples servers. You will want to redownload this if you've already got keenzonea9, as I've ripented in a squadmaker that spawns a headcrab that when you kill, will toggle on the ambient sounds in the map.

Puzzle/fun/no major monsters to kill map. Cryocube is a map that has identical rooms where you have no monsters to fight but instead try to figure out a way out either by yourself or with your buddys without getting killed!

Cryocube has a room or 2 where you fall down but you don't die. You will need to respawn yourself to get out of the pit, sorry about that. Also there is a room where a giant killer fan will spin the wrong direction.

For cryocube, press your use key on the FIRST light in the ceiling in the spawn room, that will toggle on/off the ambient sound.

Otherwise please have fun and tell me about any bugs and how I can improve both maps!

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