Crazy Maze

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Author DarthRod
Date of release Final - October 26, 2004
Beta 2 - September 1, 2004
.bsp filename crazymaze


Welcome to the crazy maze!!! You and your team have to get the end of the labyrinth to access the control room! Inside it you will find 10 buttons that do things to either help or harm players in the maze. Besides the maze, there is a disco club, bar, and a secret or two.

Buttons in the control room:

  • Crusher : A giant crusher lifts down to splat all players who are in the maze. You have to wait 3 minutes before using this button again.
  • Light : Switch on/off the lights in the maze.
  • Way : Show/hide the way of the maze.
  • Water : Players in the maze will drown. You have to wait 3 minutes before using this button again.
  • Spawn a Shock Roach : Spawn a Shock Roach at one of five places choose by a random device. You have to wait 2 minutes before using this button again.
  • Random Side Walls : When a player push this button, a random side wall will push the players out of the maze (splat).
  • Flashbang : Launch a flashbang into the maze.
  • Friction : Make the tiles of the maze slippery.
  • Random Hurt/Heal : It randomly chooses between hurting or healing the players who are in the maze. You have to wait 1 minute before using this button again.
  • Earthquake : You feel the floor shaking and rocks fall from the ceiling to crush people.

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