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Author Socrates
Date of release v1 - January 2, 2000
.bsp filename crablegs


Well, first there was a map with respawning gargantuas. Then one with respawning aliens. Then respawning soldiers. Now, heck, they've got one with respawning houndeyes. There's only one place to logically go from here…


Headcrabs, and headcrabs, and headcrabs. And then some headcrabs.

The map is simple: two arenas, not really connected in any way players can reach, and with scads of headcrabs pouring in to each arena.

Originally this was going to be a competitive teamplay thing, but teamplay doesn't work in Sven Co-op as yet, so I just left it as two arenas. But what are you still reading this for? If you had just went and played the map without even bothering to read the documentation, you could've been buried in headcrabs 10 minutes ago. Even though it's only taken you 5 minutes to read this. It's weird that way.

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At least 3 players recommended.

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