Author HelloTimber
Date of release Not yet released
.bsp filename sc_contrahdl_c1


This is a map bring FC game Contra into Sven Co-op.
But of course it's not simply make the 2D one into the 3D one, I consult the original level design and remake it totally. The coast, the bridge, the canyon, and the fortress… So you can say it is a map that not completely same but can remind you the scene in original Contra.
Textures are extracted from Contra, screenshot and fix in WindowsPaint, or totally drawn in WindowsPaint by myself. Honestly, the work of drawing some textures is pretty interesting.
Otherwise, I don't know why there are so many brush errors when I compile the map. I've fixed many visible wrong brushes, this cost me lots of time.
If you have any suggestion on this map, welcome tell it out in the comment.
The map has been basically done, now waiting for the weapons and enemies AS scripts.
Coming soon. How long? In a month, I guess.
I'm so lazy that I have already hung this map for 2 months

Additional info

Now waiting for Dr.ABC's ASscript so I can add weapons and enemies into the map, then release it.
I wanna make both weapons and enemies as Contra like.
THX for Dr.ABC's help.

Additional credits

  • Dr.ABC, he's writing AS script now; He's also the provider of some basic textures since he had made dm_contra.bsp.
  • skine, for drawing the Gordon&Barney cover.
  • Ui6uitth, for giving some guidance on FC things.
  • ZJbot, for giving some suggestions on fixing and improving the map.




unreleased work-in-progress

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