Command & Conquer: Defence

Command & Conquer: Defence

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Author BloodShed
Date of release v3 Beta - November 21, 2005
.bsp filename cnc_defence-v3b


A Command & Conquer inspired map.

Quote from the map briefing:

TO: outpost 290983
FROM: High command


WARNING there is a NOD group closing in on your position. We already know that you don't have your base fully up and running, and your positionary beacon isn't ready yet.

Main objective:

Defend your base until the beacon can deploy itself and you can activate it, so we can send reinforcement.

Good luck

Additional info

  • You can hear the voices of the real game when you kill an enemy

Additional credits

.44 - (for fixing to problems in the map)
Jerkakame for fixing the crash problem.


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