City Invasion

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City Invasion

Author Foofinoo
Date of release Final - June 13, 2017
.bsp filename city_invasion


"According to our scientists and their advanced sensors,
there is a lot of 'alien' activity near this old factory…

We have already sent a first group of grunts yesterday,
but they didn't give a sign of life since a few hours…

So, you know what to do : find what happened and
rescue your teammates if they are still alive…"

Additional info

I finally did it !!
I've start the map around 3 or 4 months ago (if it's not even more), and it's finally finished !!
As always, I had lot of stuff to do and so I didn't find the time to seriously work on it…
But I guess it's not so bad, even if I got lot of problems with the map itself…

Since it's my first Sven Co-op map, I had to use scripts and spawn monsters for the first time with GoldSource.
And I won't say it's hard, but it's more complicated than a Source map… And it don't always work…
So, I had to remove some special things, and I'm a bit disappointed about it…

Well, honestly, I'm fed up of working on this map.
I'm really happy to release it, I will be able to move to another thing finally…

Also, because It's my first Sven Co-op map (and very likely my last one), if I've forget anything, tell me in the comments.

  • If you find any issues, tell me and I will try to fix it…
  • Tell me what you think about my map… Any constructive feedback is apprecied !!
  • Sorry for my English, I'm French…
  • Recommended players : 2-4 players

Additional credits

  • Special thanks to Suomimies55 for his help and suggestions
  • Thanks to everyone who did the custom content I used (see the Credits)
  • Garompa (repost and upload to scmapdb!)




2017 size:large survival walkthrough

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