Chubby Mess

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Author the-middleman
Date of release v1 - December 2, 2014
.bsp filename chubby_mess


This is a short fun map about a chubby-invasion in black mesa. Your goal is to escape from the laboratory where the accident happens, then get to the military outpost, get some weapons and return to the lab to destroy the chubby spawner.

This map was made for the "Weekly mapping spirit" contest in the SC-forums. It was made in just a few days so do not expect great quality or length. It's just a funmap.

This download also contains press_use.bsp. Another very short funmap made for the same contest. It was made in a few hours so do not expect too much. To play press_use.bsp you need the Quake II-wad which is NOT included in the download. You can get it here.

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