Central Bunker Remake

Central Bunker Remake

Author GiGaBiTe
Date of release R6 - February 3, 2016
.bsp filename central_bunker_r6


Complete from scratch, ground up remake of Central Bunker by Max Helbig in 2005.

The primary goal of the remake is map optimization, and as such, this map has been heavily optimized from start to finish to give significant performance boosts. 30-70% increases in frame rates on both AMD and Nvidia cards has been measured.

Several parts of the map have been re-worked to fix map breaking bugs and make the map flow better overall.

Additional info

Two secret displacer guns exist somewhere in the map, which give you the ability to teleport between 6/7 targets. There is nearly an even 50/50 split of good and bad teleports, so use at your own risk!

This map works best with fewer than 8 players. More than this number and the map generally gets completed too quickly.

Additional credits

Max Helbig for original map.




2016 co-oprequired remake/remade size:large walkthrough

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