Central Assault

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Author Hezus
Date of release 1.0 - July 26, 2002
Beta 3 -
Beta 2 - June 15, 2002
Beta 1 -
.bsp filename cassault1


You are working for a illegal organization named :

UHAF = United Hazardous Actions Faction

This organization deals in special weapons and controls alien border worlds. After years of training its time for your first mission. This evening the alarm sounds. You report to the briefing room listening to the commander. You hear that aliens have invaded the UHAF secret underground facility where the weapons are stored. The government has sent their soldiers to clean up the aliens. The UHAF is afraid that the government will discover their secret weapons. Thats why you are going to sent in. Take control of the facility by killing the invading aliens and make sure the government soldiers can`t tell anything of what they have seen there !

Now move out soldier !

Additional info

  • 2 player co-operation is needed to complete this map !
  • Recommended 3/4 players due to skill level
  • Central Assault received BOMS status on the Sven Co-op forums.

Additional credits

All beta testers - (testing)


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