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Author HeAdCrAb KILLA
Date of release Final - October 16, 2005
v1 - October 10, 2005
.bsp filename sc_catalyst


You have been sent to a secret laboratory in a remote, classified location. The team of scientists and government officials at this lab have developed a cascade array for easy transport to the alien world Xen. Your mission is to travel to a defense outpost in the homeworld of the hostile aliens to stop the invasion. This outpost on Xen was formally inhabited by another science team. Unfortunately, this team has been lost due to a "crabby" situation. You must destroy a main power source at the outpost to eliminate the alien threat in the area. Once this source is destroyed, your mission will be a success. GOOD LUCK!

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Ideal for 1-6 players.

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There are over 1097 maps for Sven Co-op! Here are a few:

hl 2011-08-15 04-56-24-61.jpg

4 / 5

2016 final scary walkthrough


3 / 5

2004 city walkthrough


3 / 5

2006 difficulty:hard size:large zombies


2 / 5

needs-pics walkthrough work-in-progress


0 / 5

2009 needs-dl walkthrough

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