Building Jumper

Building Jumper

Author Hellotimber
Date of release Final - February 26, 2018
.bsp filename sc_buildingjumper


A simple jumping map. Buildings all are blocks. Maybe it is difficult for players. There are some secret weapons in somewhere of the map; they are very helpful.
A building is modified by a map in a mod named HC2.

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Change into survival mode.Added some camera guides and captions when complete any purpose.
Added difficulty selecting room at start.
Fixed some bugs.
Fix bug:Can't unlock high damage 9mmhandgun's door.
Fix bug:Difficulty conflicting when two difficulty were selected at the same time.
Change look:9mmhandgun and RPG and pipewrench's render mode is Additive now.
Fix grammar:"Now we can go to that building by jumpING!"
Add ENT file in package.
Make map eazier:Change Barneis' health from 2000 to 1000 each.
Make map eazier:Change Bosses' health from 33000 to 20000 each.
Fix bug:9mmhandgun and RPG and pipewrench on the floor can be seen by players now.
TIP:2018_02_25 and 2018_02_26 change is done by RIPENT,so don't worry the BSP file will be different from the client's or server's.


2017 jumping secrets size:small survival walkthrough

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