Breakfree 2

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Author Beather
Date of release Final - August 20, 2004
.bsp filename breakfree2


Dr Robotnik (Eggman) has captured you and your friends! You're forced to move on a moving platform dodging rotating blocks, high-speed rotating blades, suprise-moving walls, and much more. Meet Dr. Robotnik at the end in a built-in boss battle.

Additional info

  • Unlike the original Breakfree, the ending includes a boss battle. Players are also able to re-join the game when a door opens in the respawn to the moving platform.
  • Preceded by Breakfree. Followed by Breakfree 3.

Additional credits

ZpElmO - (models)



There are over 1121 maps for Sven Co-op! Here are a few:


0 / 5

2003 needs-dl scary walkthrough


2.3 / 5

2017 fun pvp realdmg


3.4 / 5

2017 boss difficulty:medium fun horde


3 / 5

2010 walkthrough


0 / 5

2000 needs-dl needs-info walkthrough

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