Breakdown Heist

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Date of release VERSION AND DATE. V1.0 MAY 19, 2018
.bsp filename Breakdown_heist


Story: Inside a city, there's a big company in a mission: kill people with
special abilitys to get their dna to create enhanced soldiers to get more
people, you were kidnapped to this place of science and genetic investigation
After a week a few people was able to get free of that awfull destiny, now you
finally can escape, out of this hell full of army's men and mercenary people with a
lot sniper riffles and martial arts abilities.
Additional Notes:maybe will be a new version coming soon to improve cinematics
and story. I recommend at least 6-10 players or 4-6 if you're using scxp mode
i learned a lot creating this new map so i hope you enjoy this map. Creating
this map have taken about less than a week but about another week fixing
texture placement and another kind related problems.
if you experiment a bug with serious fixing needs
please leave a message on this page to know about it to fix it, please be specific on your bug
report because tha'll be the info what im going to use to repair it.
Thank you for downloading and have a nice day!

Additional info

extract all the files, then put them in their respective binder :
Steam\steamapps\common\Sven Co-op\svencoop_addon

recommended players: more than 6 if you want to end it with just 30 deaths, can be better if you're using xp mod but you can play it as well on vanilla mode.
Difficulty: VERY VERY VERY hard= in solo mode its equal to 10000000/13

Additional credits

Thanks again to sven coop map database for their amazing textures. (arbor_arch, asmap, cs_knox)
Credits to their respective creator of any texture,model or sound
used in this map. A lot of thanks to anyone who maked a VHE tutorial
because they teached me a lot of things about gold source and the
happy (and horrible) world of mapping!




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