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Author TheBard
Date of release Beta 3 - December 2, 2009
.bsp filename sc_braindrain_beta3


This is a Puzzle/Skill map nearing completion.
The puzzles are designed to be hard (OK maybe a few are easy!)

There are no secrets in the map.
There are no hints on what to do.
Just go and work them out.
Why do you think its called Brain Drain!

Additional info

  • You will need a minimum of 3 players to do some bits.
  • Mappers note: This map was also a test to see if a full bright (no RAD) map could be made to look right (ie not overly bright) i had to use a number of dark texture to do this.
  • Creation time: 1 year 10 days (About 75 hours)
  • All the textures in map were either made in Windows Paint or are images from Google.

Additional credits

SnarkCafe - (testing)
Google images - (textures)
in original folders - (models/sounds)


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