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Bot Party

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Author w00tguy123
Date of release February 21, 2017
.bsp filename botparty


This is a Mario Party map with 8 minigames and the full board game experience. The game lasts 10 turns, but you can choose to play just the minigames when the map starts.

Everything was designed to be playable with RCBot. Back when bots worked they could play all the minigames and even beat me with some luck.

This was made around June 2013, then abandoned due to random crashes and high net usage. It's pretty much finished though and seems to not crash as much now(?).

Additional info

Known Bugs:

  • The winner isn't always the one with the most points. Maybe I could fix this but I think it makes the game a bit more authentic. It's like when you are a clear winner in the real game but then lose because someone landed on the most green spaces and got bonus stars.
  • Chance Time does nothing if there are less than 3 players.
  • Lots of minor bugs that don't affect gameplay much.
  • The platform/snowball in Bumper Gordons doesn't always start/stop.

Additional credits

Lemonsoda - palm tree models (from sc_royals) that I took without asking.

??? - Skybox

Nintendo/Hudson Soft - hmm can't remember… maybe they did one of the sounds or something.


July 1, 2018
- Fixed game ending after 1 turn.

June 8, 2018:
- Fixed server crashing when all players leave before the board game ends

November 3, 2017:
-Fixed players not being able to move after rolling dice
-Fixed Crab Fishing not ending after killing all crabs
-Fixed grapple cheating on Funky Fungi and Bumper Gordons (i.e. latching onto spectators)
-Fixed weapons carrying over to Danger Dash and Tor Boosters
-Fixed not being able to move in minigames-only mode sometimes
-Players move faster and platforms fall slower in Gotta Go Fast
-Opaque text

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