Bootleg Squadrog





Bootleg Squadrog

Author Brendong Chung
Original mod release 3 February, 2013
Date of release 27 September, 2020
.bsp filename bootsquad1 (+ 4 more)


In this conversion the Sven Co-op team joins forces with a group of H.E.C.U. defectors that after recent events at Black Mesa, and many of their men dead or missing, have realised the government's idea of cover up may not be the best orders to follow and could very well bring on the end of the world if the bright minds that can stop what they started are "silenced".
Your mission is to assist 3 teams of soldiers that will infiltrate the facility and attempt to rescue subject zero: Dr. Gordon Freeman.

Additional info

This is a port of the original mod found here and here. It has been adapted for multiplayer co-op play, with a few additions, it does not play entirely the same as the original.

This mod is very, VERY heavy with scripted sequences, and thus it is prone to bugs due to NPC behaviour, but if players do not attempt to break the map on purpose and constantly then it should be fine. Failsafes have been put in place to prevent as much trolling from players as the maps can muster while trying to maintain the original mod's ideas.

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2020 black-mesa conversion series size-small walkthrough

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