Black Mesa: Getaway Plan

Black Mesa: Getaway Plan

Author Vector-T
Date of release In Development stages
.bsp filename -


Featuring procedural co-operative campaign with Black Mesa theme, suitable for 2-8 players.
Survive and push to evacuate Black Mesa Research Facility in a brand new sectors, plus difficulty system with diverse changes to each difficulty.

Run for your life.
Think fast and smart.
Shoot anyone who tries to kill you.
Live dangerously.

Media Update

To all residents of Black Mesa, here's an October mini-update.
Not much of screenies today but the progress report as follow:

  • Map 1 is at 90% scripting completion, 70% art pass.
  • Map 2 is currently in concept art. That's it.

Please keep in mind that, this map is not final. Subject to change.


Additional credits

Concept Art - FirstTrouble, Lone Survivor
Playtest - FirstTrouble, Lone Survivor, PICNICK, PixelCherries
Sounds - Vector-T, Valve
Music - PixelCherries
Models - Nekronaium, CryoDragon
Textures - Vector-T, Nightwatch team

Special thanks to SC team & community, Trempler for compile setup.




black-mesa size:large unreleased walkthrough work-in-progress

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