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Author Trempler
Date of release v1 - January 22, 2016
.bsp filename bm_sts


Black Mesa Special Tactics Sector is an arena fight simulator with up to four teams that battle against each other. Each team is given four 'crystals' that represent monsters that will fight for them in an arena during each round. You must win rounds to score points for your team, which are used to purchase upgrades or 'randomize' your monsters so that they have higher strength or health stats, and sometimes gain special fighting abilities that give them a distinct advantage over other monsters in the arena. There are also special mini games between rounds where players on each team must fight each other.

Additional info

  • At the start of the map, you can vote to have 2 or 4 teams.
  • At the start of the map, you must also vote to play until one team gets 4, 8, 12, or 16 wins.
  • You will need at least two players to play the map if you are playing with two teams.
  • You will need at least four players to play the map if you are playing with four teams.
  • The more 'rare' your monster's designation is, the better they will be at fighting in the arena. In order of worst to best, the rarity designations are: Common, Rare, Legendary, Godlike, Awesome.
  • Higher tech level monsters will usually be stronger and better at defeating lower tech level monsters, even if the lower level monsters have the highest rarity.
  • You must upgrade all monsters in your party to the next tech level before you will be allowed to upgrade any monsters to the following tech level.
  • Upgrading to the next tech level (per monster) costs 6 points for the first level, 12 points for the next, 18, 24, and 30.

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