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Black Mesa Nightmare

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Author Zorbos
Date of release Final - June 14, 2010
2.0 - June 14, 2007
1.2 - December 19, 2006
.bsp filename bm_nightmare_a_final, bm_nightmare_b_final, bm_nightmare_c_final, bm_nightmare_d_final


The strangest of events began to occur following the events of the resonance cascade at Black Mesa. Scientists were slowly disappearing and the entire facility seemed to be falling to its knees. A few scientists even went mad, destroying special equipment and harming other personnel. At around 0200, a group of scientists was attacked by another group of researchers. They were captured and brought to a laboratory, where the researchers conducted psychotic tests and "unnecessary analysis" on them. The researchers threw the battered and beaten test subjects into a specimen treatment cell in the Cell Block Sector… and left them there to die. YOU are these test subjects. You have only one objective, to escape from Black Mesa and regain your freedom! You must escape the Nightmare before you!

The map is based around teamwork and puzzles. You really have to use your teammates to complete certain parts in the series.

Additional info

Additional credits

El Gringo - (testing)
G. Ballblue - (testing)
hydeph - (textures)
JPolito - (testing)



2006 black-mesa co-oprequired puzzle series size:large walkthrough

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