Black Mesa Arena

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Author IT_Skino / Skinoo
Date of release Final - May 6, 2016
.bsp filename BlackMesaArena, BlackMesaArena2


Story : There's no story, just fight your way to the end with your friends. 17 Arenas in total!

Additional info

IMPORTANT (edit): in this current status the map is "enjoyable" only when people downloads the map from here and played in private servers. But I'm thinking about to update the map for fixing errors, bugs and exploits; balance the arenas; adding a new arena and making the "secret key" more easier to find. The estimated time for the release of this update is undefined. -IT_Skino

This map is created to be played in 2-4 players.
There's many easter eggs around the map.

Additional credits

Special thanks to Akrun for helpful feedback and testing.


- Fixed glitched player spawn in arena 10: may 6
- Fixed crash in BlackMesaArena2 and few minor fixes, if you downloaded before may 8, redownload it!

There are over 1106 maps for Sven Co-op! Here are a few:


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