Big Cave 2

Big Cave 2

Author amckern
Date of release 6th November 2018
.bsp filename bigcave2_b2


I have wanted to build a level built into a hillside, or cave for many years after seeing what the Terrain Tools in Source can do, I was never able to build anything I liked in Source and found the original big cave map on my hard drive after looking through some old Counter-Strike levels I made in the late 1990s.

This is a beta, and some things are not finished (take the first spawn outside as an example), but your objective is that you need to find an alternative route to the "Black Mesa Transport Hub".

I am very happy with the basics of this map, but depending on how things play the map might be adjusted, things removed or added to match the gameplay style on both stock servers, and the ones running mods such as XP/RPG Mod.

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  • Added brushwork to stop you jumping off catwalk (before was basic clip brush)
  • Better end area
  • Better lighting for grunts in the shipping container
  • Fixed null textures on the back of the lower catwalk near the garg battle
  • Fixed floor texture in the fuel store near the ladder after the garg battle
  • Corrected case for sound files
  • Corrected res file includes
  • Added missing skybox
  • Textures now in wad file (allows server downloads to work as the BSP file was too large before)


2018 black-mesa size:medium walkthrough work-in-progress

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