Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Between A Rock And A Hard Place tt_boms.png

Author Elvis
Date of release Large version - June 14, 2004
Original version - May 7, 2004
.bsp filename between_elvis & between_elvis_lg


Black Mesa
2 Days after the dimensional Breach

You and a team of scientists and security personel are holed up in a portion of the Black Mesa Complex, trying to make a last stand against the onrushing hordes of Xen Creatures as well as the black ops troopers trying to clean everything up.

As well as the hordes of hostiles you will face you may meet other security personel who will give you a hand, and maybe some scientists who can give you access to more weaponry (if you can keep them alive)

Your task is to hold out and try and survive the onslaught, until help can arrive.

Additional info

between_elvis (Between a rock and a Hard Place)
between_elvis_lg (Between a rock and a Hard Place - Large Version)

Additional credits

The Sven Co-op team for a great mod, Craig Londale for the original Horde Map, Everyone who helped playtest the map, and everyone who criticised it and so helped make it better.

  • Elvis received BOMS as the Sven Co-op.




2004 black-mesa boms defense losable rcbot size:small

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