Battle Mania
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Battle Mania

Author Pastacake
Date of release v1 - February 3, 2019
.bsp filename battlemania


The first map I'll be publishing and my third map overall.
Isn't very good and has a secret area (which is surprisingly the part I spent most time on) that can be accessed by going to the corner of the left side of the area with the house in which you can watch a scientist being eaten by a headcrab (which you can break the invisible wall to go back to the start place) or fight a secret kingpin boss with 100HP to spawn a friendly NPC to assist you in battle.
Also the Squadmaker for one of the second bosses is glitched and it spawns 3 of them while it should be spawning only one (I decreased it's HP to 1000 to balance it).
I don't own any of the models used in this map.

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2019 boss horde secrets size:small walkthrough

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