Base Attack
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Base Attack

Author DAVLevels
Original mod release December 28, 1999
Date of release v1 - June 24, 2019
.bsp filename base_attack1, base_attack2


You are a Black Ops agent tasked with infiltrating a top secret military research facility located somewhere in Area 69.
The base is under 24h surveillance and is heavily enforced with armed guards, automated turrets and HECU military forces.

Your assignment is to breach the defenses then sabotage the main generator coolant reservoir and await extraction.
All HECU forces must be terminated. Leave no witnesses alive.

Additional info

Base Attack is a campaign originally made by Davide "DAVLevels" Cintrao. This was a very early and obscure Half-Life map pack that was comprised of two levels, "Arches" and "Attack". It had many shortcomings and did not age very well, the result being a very lackluster single player experience, hence fading away into obscurity.

Despite its shortcomings, it had the potential to be a decent campaign since it had many level design elements that are greatly appreciated in Sven Co-op, with run-and-gun style of level progression and gameplay with minor puzzles.

This conversion aimed to revive the campaign as a whole by adapting the maps for Sven Co-op, and was designed with a Black Ops theme with custom weapon view models and a premise that gave it that creative spark needed to really bring this campaign to life.

-Includes new Bodyguard playermodels! Special thanks to Garompa for the provision.

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Sven Co-op Conversion



1999 conversion escape size:medium walkthrough

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