Bad Day at Work

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Bad Day at Work

Author Skals
Date of release April 10, 2010
.bsp filename bdaw_c1a1, bdaw_c1a2, bdaw_c1a3, bdaw_c1a4


Bad Day at Work (bdaw) is a small series of maps, going from bdaw_c1a1 to bdaw_c1a4 (4 maps). Sadly the project was not completed, yet a good enough amount of gameplay was already created.

The level bdaw_c1a4 was originally a large level where Gordon goes through several traps and ends up in a large level with G-Man and an evil scientist in it who summons several strong minions before his facility overloads and he dies. Then you take a teleporter to escape the level and first encounter the group of alien commandos now seen in the bdaw_c1a4 map, however this was not uploaded due to the fact that the map files for bdaw were lost accidentally.

Additional info

  • Unfortunately, the map files were lost so the project could not be continued, but this should still provide about 10 minutes of gameplay for you and your friends.
  • The first map of the series is called "bdaw_c1a1".
  • Mission 4 a.k.a. bdaw_c1a4 is not a proper level, it is only a small cutscene with a game_end.
  • c1a4 was originally a long mission where Gordon goes through a series of traps and obstacles to eventually get to a room with a boss battle where several strong monsters are battled once summoned to the room by a mad scientist. However, this was replaced with a simple level to end the game.

Additional credits

Maps, Textures & custom skins made by Skals. Credit to all those whose models were used in the creation of these maps!




2010 black-mesa series size:large walkthrough

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