Azure Sheep





Azure Sheep

Author DAVLevels
Original mod release 25 August, 2001
Date of release 20 February, 2020
Last update v1.4 - 25 October 17, 2020
.bsp filename asmap00 (+45 maps)


You play one of the security guards that is on duty in one of the entrances of the Black Mesa facility. When the chaos starts you realize that Kate, your colleague, code name Azure Sheep, is in the complex and in big danger. You decide to rescue her!

Additional info

  • This campaign has a 66% antirush feature to ensure the levels are not rushed and have players stick together to increase the quality of co-op.
  • The training levels have not yet been ported
  • If Kate dies at any point, the level will restart

Additional credits

Sven Co-op Conversion - Chocolate IceCream
Scripting and maintainence- Outerbeast
Model fixes - Garompa
Playtesting and bug reports - kmkz

Special thanks to:

  • Zode for creating the lazyripent tool, a lot of time and energy was saved using it on this port
  • AlexCorruptor for continued support and bug reports
  • Gauna for the Otis HEV playermodels
  • KernCore and Sniper for help with custom npcs



2001 2020 conversion series size:large survival walkthrough

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