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Author Hterag
Date of release September 9, 2005
.bsp filename sc_attack


Pretty old map, but I was clearing out some of my older maps when I came across it, I had a few minutes fun out of it a long time ago so I thought some other people might like a go.

Be kind, this is a map that started off as a competition between a friend and I to see who could make the best map in an hour, yes thats right 1 hour(although to make it playable it was worked on a bit more…).

Additional info


Aliens have invaded!(yeah you saw that one coming…) You are a member of the research team and have to defend the base, find a way to get into the gun locker and then wipe out everything with more than two legs!


There are several secrets, see if you can find them… … oh don't tell me you actually expected me to write them all down here? :P

Map name: sc_attack
Author: Hterag(aka Guras)
Map type: Invasion/defence/arena
Recommended players: 2-10
Total build time: Approximately 2.5 hours
Compile time: 87 seconds
Max wpoly: 1118(ouch… could be worse)

Additional credits

Hterag - Author, creator, dictator
NewBlood - moral support



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