Assault On Black Mesa 2

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Author Penguin
Date of release v5 - October 18, 2004 (Classic Map Pack)
v4 - September 15, 2002 (SC 2.0F)
v3 - March 5, 2002
v2 - March 4, 2002
v1 - February 18, 2002
.bsp filename assaultmesa2, assaultmesa2-2


*-*-*Incoming Transmission*-*-*

After the incident at Black Mesa, the government seized the facility in hopes of containing the events that took place there. In the heart of the facility lies important information concerning the events, and we sent in 3 special operatives to extract the information and retrieve it. Due to unforseen circumstances, the miltary seized the team and has imprisoned them within the Black Mesa warehouse district. Although risky, we feel that the SvenCoop team is fully capable of taking on the much larger force and rescuing our operatives. You will be sent in with minimal weapons, to slip by the security shield. Once inside though, use brute force to gain entry. We will contact you again inside the facility…

-SvenCoop HQ

*-*-*Incoming Transmission*-*-*

The progress made thus far has impressed all here at HQ. In the blueprints we have obtained, the Central Sewer system that you are in leads to the abandoned storage buildings. Beware that these have not seen use in many many years. Expect resistance as you near the surface, as you will come up very close to the warehouse with the operatives. Remember if they cannot be rescued for any reason, do not hesitate to extinguish them. They still have extremely sensitive information about SvenCoop, which can not fall into enemy hands. After you meet the rest of the team, head to the airfield to wait extraction. Be extremely careful, our Xen teleportation monitor are showing signs like the ones during the Incident…

-SvenCoop HQ

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