Ascii Art

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Author enuze
Date of release SC 4.0 ver - December 29, 2008
v1 - July 12, 2008
.bsp filename ascii_art


The texts and messages in this map are in Japanese. The mission description below will help you.

1: Go to the top of the main building and flip the switch.
2: After 3 minutes enemies will spawn.
3: Go to the basement and kill all the ASCII art monsters.
4: Go back up to the streets and kill Morimaki.
5: Go back to the top of the main building to kill Konichiwa.

Ascii Art is Internet forum 2channel's Shift JIS arts.

Additional info

See Ascii Art 2 for a nighttime version of the map.

Additional credits

GAMESABA - (server testing)
GAMESABA community members - (map testing)



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